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Look For The Uncomfortable

June is in the books and its time to focus on your strategy for July. A lot of us set goals and work on a forecast and never focus on the change needed to reach and exceed those goals. Challenge yourself to reach for a new goal and challenge yourself to be in the uncomfortable! If your goal is a number add 20% to it. If your goal is customer service, lead by example! Make it difficult! Now the tricky part is how do you get there? The truth is you have to live in the uncomfortable! You have to be willing to do things that are difficult. Every day you will be faced with choices and most people tend to follow the path of least resistance. I challenge you to take the other path and put yourself somewhere uncomfortable. When you do this and face your challenges head-on you will grow exponentially! So my goal for July is to be in the uncomfortable! What's your goal? #elitefi

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