Dealer Wealth Programs

Our focus is to bring products to match your dealership & customer's needs
built on top of tax-friendly profit sharing programs 

Whether you are looking to create a new reinsurance business or work with an existing one, Every Elite FI product is ready for you to participate in. Our pricing is the same for you whether you reinsure or not.  We work hand in hand with all reinsurance company managers utilizing your existing reinsurance position.

Business Meeting

Reinsurance Business Options

  • Controlled Foreign Corporation (CFC) is taxed as a U.S. company though also domiciled in an offshore country. The company assets are maintained in U.S. financial institutions. There is more flexibility wherein you can work with investments of your choice, take a loan against the investment, and pay yourself back. You can use the money for capital improvements, floor planning, and business investments. This type of reinsurance plan becomes your book of business.

  • Dealer Owned Warranty Company (DOWC) is an administrative corporation devised as the obligor. The DOWC is owned by a dealer or a dealer group and administered by a third party. The contracts within a DOWC can be more customized with tie backs to the dealership for service. These are typically treated as an insurance company for tax purposes. This type of reinsurance plan also becomes your book of business.

  • Noncontrolled Foreign Corporation (NCFC) is where money is domiciled in an offshore country and claims are paid out of it. This type provides the least amount of flexibility to control the investments. Premiums may be subject to excise taxes. With this type of plan, you may take dividends, which become surplus, and repatriate the money. This provides the lowest risk, but also the lowest returns. 

Retro Profit Sharing Program

These are profit-sharing agreements between you and the administrator in relation to the sale of F&I products. Profits are paid at defined intervals based on how well your portfolio is performing.

Retro Programs allow you to participate in the underwriting profits on the business you write. Typically, the percentage of shared profits will increase as the volume of your dealership business increases.