We Focus On The Process

Training, Coaching, Role Play, Product Knowledge, Implementation, Repeat

Agency Process

Achieving consistent goals in PVR, product penetration, and overall gross profit takes a proven process. Our key to success is consistent training, coaching, role-playing and process implementation.  Our team will design, implement and monitor a process designed around your dealership.  We understand the importance of explaining a process and also rolling our sleeves up and working side by side with your team.  Through consistent training and role-playing, we will generate new records in your finance department.  


Dealership Process

Has your process been stress tested.  When asked most dealership employees will admit that when their department becomes super busy they will skip steps in their presentation process to move faster. 

We install a process that keeps your customers engaged.  We also design redundancies that allow your team to multitask all while following the steps to a consistent presentation.  

The processes in your finance department have to work for any scenario your employees will face. 




Needs Awareness & Discovery




Product Presentation


Base Payment Review


On-Site Training & Coaching

Your results are our report card!  Our team has decades of experience in finance and sales management with a focus on creating wealth for our dealer partners.  Through our continued onsite training and coaching, we install proven processes to take your dealership to record levels.  We train and coach your finance team on deal structuring, product knowledge, customer interviews, payment handling, rate quoting, menu selling & process implementation.  We also work with your sales team and train on product knowledge and finance transitions into the finance office.


Remote Training Coaching & Roleplay

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In today's environment, It is more important than ever to stay consistent with training and coaching.  We focus on process methods in the finance office as well as training and implementing the tools needed today for remote presentation and delivery.  Our team offers finance meetings, one on one training as well as department reviews all available in person or with remote meetings.  Our results are based on the consistency of our training in objection handling, product knowledge and role-playing.  

Efficiency Through Integration

Dealership DMS
Finance Portal

We focus on efficiency!  We bring tools that connect your DMS to our Industry leading finance products

We streamline contract rating and generation. One portal that allows for multiple product providers to be integrated with multiple DMS providers.

It's time to eliminate double and triple input!  Dealers today are still using systems and tools that require a customer's information to be entered multiple times.  This inefficiency will affect results and production.  Our tools bridge the communication between your DMS and our leading finance products.  


Cutting Edge Tools

Our focus on people, products & processes is how we define ourselves from the competition.  Having and using the correct products & technology enables your team to operate quickly and make smarter more profitable decisions. At Elite FI Partners we work with multiple technology partners to ensure that your dealership always has the best in class tools.  

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