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Have you heard about Express Gap?

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

In today’s rapidly changing landscape is your dealership offering the correct gap protection? Are you reinsured? Should you be? Our team of specialists at Elite FI Partners will discuss options for your dealership and recommend a program that is a fit. It’s no secret that totaled vehicles and vehicle losses are at record high levels and climbing. Insurance companies today are quicker to total a vehicle with the growing amount of technology that is now having to be replaced when a vehicle is involved in an accident. What this means is more total losses creating higher risk on dealership reinsurance programs. Gap protection is no longer a one size fits all dealerships program! Our financial team can do a product analysis of your current offerings and programs. We will determine the best program for both the dealership and your customers. We specialize in dealership profit participation programs that work! Call us today to get a no-cost product comparison.

Michael Aufmuth - Elite FI Partners

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