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GAP Protection

Whether you choose direct-write, re-insurance, dowc, or dealer retro participation programs, we have the perfect Gap options. Our Gap programs are fully insured and cover up to 96 months. You can select from our Standard Gap, Non-Cancellable Gap, No-Chargeback Gap, Gap Plus, or Express Gap contracts. Don’t miss out on our amazing programs and competitive dealer pricing. Contact us today and get the best Gap coverage in the market. Our Gap Contracts meet all F&I Sentinel standards.

Standard GAP Protection

Gap Protection for your exact needs!

Coverage for New, Used & Commercial Vehicles

Coverage up to 96-month terms

Maximum Limit of Liability of $50,000

125% 150% and Unlimited LTV Options Available

Deductible Reimbursement up to $1,000

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Express Gap

An Exciting Gap Program With An Accelerated Earning Method
  • Reduces dealer cancellation chargebacks due to the GAP earning method

  • Maximum Loan to Value: 150%

  • New/Used Vehicles, including cars & trucks less than 15,000 lbs 

  • Commercial Vehicles/Heavy Trucks: $50 surcharge

  • Maximum Primary Carrier Deductible $1,000

  • Max Amount Financed: No Limit

  • Max Limit of Liability: $50,000

  • Full Refund Period: 30 Days

  • Fully Earned - (No Chargeback) at time of claim

Express Gap Earn Out Chart

Gap Plus

Gap Plus offers credit toward the purchase or lease of a replacement vehicle at the selling dealership.  The PLUS benefit amount is $1,000.  

Maximum 84-month coverage term

Online Contract Administration:

Offers online resources and access to obtain rate quotes, eContracting, eRemitting and cancellation quotes.

Gap Plus Breakdown.png

Dealership No Chargeback Gap Program

This GAP program functions exactly the same as the Standard Gap.  Gap contacts are fully cancellable from lending institutions.  Cancellations are processed from our administration and the dealership is not responsible for any chargeback liability past 90 days.  

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