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Founded in 2018, DEALFI is a virtual F&I office that has helped over 300 independent dealerships all over the Midwest sell more cars, more products and make more money. DEALFI has access to a network of lenders that provide full-spectrum financing options, from deep subprime, open bankruptcies, and first-time buyers to prime customers with competitive credit union rates across the board.

How can I tell if DEALFI is right for my dealership?

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Ask yourself a simple question: does your dealership have access to CUDL? Or Wells Fargo? If so, we *usually* aren’t a great fit. That’s because those dealerships already have access to many of the same great lenders that DEALFI does. However, if a dealership is either too new for CUDL or is too small, then we are a GREAT fit and can fill in nicely as the dealership’s virtual F&I office.

In addition, we have found that we still are a good fit for dealerships that have access to CUDL that are looking for help with customers in the mid-prime range, from 600-700 because we may have access to lenders that either aren’t on CUDL or that aren’t signing up independent dealers.

How do I submit a deal to DEALFI?

Easy! Once a customer and dealer land on the vehicle and price, the dealer uses their login information to go into their dealer portal, and logs into DEALFI to submit the customer’s credit application. This includes name, 24 months of residence history, phone number, SSN, 24 months of job time, trade, vehicle and deal structure. Once the dealer hits submit, one of our underwriters immediately begins work on reviewing the credit, collateral, and structure to determine which of our lenders is going to be the best fit. DEALFI will maximize the deal for the dealership by getting the best advance (usually based on retail book), the best flat, and the best terms for the customer.

DealFI Business Process

The Process

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