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Dynamic Pages

Dynamic Process

Needs Awareness

A large part of our training covers Needs Awareness.

The idea is to show your customer the when, why, and how of the products being offered.

Through Dynamic Pages, we are adding supporting videos that match and align with the processes we train on with your finance team.  

Content is created to match your finance presentation.   

Product Knowledge

Dealership Finance Products Landing Page

Image by John Schnobrich

Our finance products landing page is designed to be linked directly to your dealership website.  On your page, we will create branded videos that review the products being offered at your dealership.  Your landing page is customizable to include needs awareness videos, product videos, product brochures, links for your customers to review your dealership and more.  

Product Transparency

Customers will spend huge amounts of time on your dealership website prior to contacting or deciding to purchase from you.  Your customers are looking to see how your dealership stands out from the competition. Your dealership reviews, your inventory, your pricing as well as the warranties you offer.  They are looking to see what makes your dealership the best choice over your competition.

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Using Code in your Process

FInance Products

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Custom Forms

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Dealership Review Link

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Our team will install QR Codes inside the dealership linked directly to your dynamic pages.  We will create custom codes that your staff can use throughout their entire process.  Each code is customizable and reinforces the processes we install and train on.

One Page One Approach

Dealership Website
Third Party Websites
Our dealership landing pages incorporate smart rules designed to display content based on the device, day, or time.  With this approach, we can use the same page for your dealership website and instore QR Codes.