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The Evolution of GAP Protection

Often when we speak with dealers we are asked what does your GAP protection cost? And it makes me smile because it is an exciting time to be out talking about GAP protection. In the last year, new programs have come to market and dealers now have multiple options available to choose from. Are you aware that there are 5 different types of GAP coverage available? On top of that GAP can be set up to work with a dealer's profit participation program, a retro, or as a direct write 0 risk program. A lot of dealers tell me GAP is a commodity, and they are correct! With our GAP protection, we are able to also bring some exciting benefits to your dealership. In the last couple of months, we now have the ability to bring a fully integrated menu at no cost to the dealership when offering our GAP Protection.

Our GAP protection is backed by an A-Rated insurance company, brings all digital & electronic contracting and reporting, is 100% compatible with all menus and DMS systems and cost nothing to get started! It is important to mention that our contracts are fully compliant with all F&I Sentinel requirements.

Learn more about our exciting new GAP programs at


Available for both New and Used

Up to $125,000 in coverage

Up to $1000.00 deductible reimbursement

Approved with all major lenders

$50,000 max benefit

Up to 96-months terms

Commercial coverage available

Fully compliant with all F&I Sentinel requirements

Fully integrated menu at no additional cost


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