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Paper or Digital Menu?

This is becoming more of a topic these days. which do you prefer? In the last couple years I have seen a-lot of finance managers transitioning to a digital menu vs. using a paper menu. Most managers that still use a paper menu tell me that they are old school when it comes to their presentation. I am almost always asked which is better or which do I prefer. And here is how I answer that. Use whichever one you are comfortable with! There is not a wrong answer when it comes to paper vs. digital. I am a firm believer that as long as you are presenting all of your products use whichever option you are comfortable with. My personal preference is to do a digital menu presentation where I have the flexibility to calculate payment options on the fly. There are some great options now for a digital menus using systems like Darwin, Menusys and others. I love the speed that a digital menu gives you when you are doing a presentation. On a visit to one of my dealers last week I discovered one of my finance managers was taking and disclosing his paper menu at the sales persons desk. That is a broken process!! The time that is wasted in the back and forth from his office to the desk where the customer were at created a cooling down period for his customer. Speed is one of the more important variables in your presentation. Both paper and digital can be done efficient and effectively for your presentation. Just make sure that when your customer is engaging and asking questions you have the ability to answer them quickly.

Michael Aufmuth

Elite FI Partners

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