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Jacob Melson | New Employee Spotlight

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Jake has always had a passion for the automotive industry since he was a child. He was born into a family of car enthusiasts and dealers, and he spent his early years immersed in the exciting atmosphere of the dealership. He loved seeing the shiny cars, hearing the engines roar, and witnessing the happy customers drive away with their new vehicles. Jake knew he wanted to follow in his family’s footsteps and pursue a career in the car business.

He got his first job in the industry in 2015, working as a sales associate at a local dealership. He quickly proved himself to be a natural at selling cars, building rapport with customers, and closing deals. He enjoyed helping people find their dream cars and making them feel comfortable and confident throughout the process. He also learned a lot from his colleagues and mentors, who taught him the ins and outs of the industry.

In 2020, Jake was offered a promotion to become finance manager at the same dealership. He accepted the challenge and moved to the finance office, where he handled the paperwork, contracts, and financing options for the customers. He also worked closely with lenders, insurance companies, and other partners to secure the best deals for his clients. He developed his skills in negotiation, communication, and problem-solving, as well as his knowledge of financial products and services. He became one of the top performers in his role, earning recognition and rewards for his achievements.

However, Jake was not satisfied with staying in one place. He wanted to grow and advance his career further, and he also wanted to share his passion and expertise with others. He decided to look for new opportunities in bigger and more competitive markets. In 2022, he landed a job as a finance director at a large and prestigious dealership group. There, he was responsible for overseeing the finance operations of multiple stores, training and coaching new finance managers, and ensuring compliance and quality standards. He also continued to excel in his own performance, consistently exceeding his goals and expectations. He found great satisfaction in helping others succeed and grow in their careers, as well as contributing to the overall success of the dealership group.

Jake’s career journey shows his dedication, ambition, and passion for the automotive industry. He has come a long way from being a curious kid in the showroom to be a respected leader in the finance office. He is always looking for new ways to learn, improve, and make an impact in his field.

We are thrilled to welcome Jake to the Elite FI Partners team. Jake brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and skills in the automotive finance industry, as well as a proven track record of success and leadership. He is passionate about helping dealerships grow their profitability, customer satisfaction, and compliance through effective finance strategies and solutions. He is also committed to developing and empowering the next generation of finance professionals through his mentorship and guidance. We are confident that Jake will make a positive and lasting impact on our dealer partners and our company. We look forward to working with him and supporting him in his new role. #WeAreEliteFI

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