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That feeling when your team all points the same direction

Create results when the team is all pointed in the same direction

Today I was watching my wife bring out Christmas decorations and I found myself having to take a picture of the Nutcrackers. I see them all lined up on the table and it reminded me about the importance of training. You will notice that I talk about training quite often. Product knowledge, process implementation, role-playing and preparing for all scenarios that can and will come across your desk. Training should always be fun. I am always looking for creative ways to incorporate training in a way that feels more like a game or a contest. Doing this creates engagement and ultimately results.

One of the biggest takeaways or achievements that I notice from training is when you see a team working together. Often when I start working with a new dealership I observe the processes that are currently in place. Even though they are not flawed, sometimes they do not create unity or excitement between coworkers. Without this, the dealership environment is noticeably different when compared to a dealership where the process is conducive to everyone working together. This always comes down to training and process implementation. Small adjustments sometimes make the largest and most noticeable improvements. Our focus on implementing processes inside the dealership is just one of the ways we stand apart from our competition.

We are Elite FI!

Michael Aufmuth

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