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Dealership Capital Advance Programs

Money to Grow

Dealer Capital Advance Program

Our capital advance programs offers a unique way to access funds for any use, including working capital, inventory acquisition, building

upgrades or expansions.

Typical advances run from $600,000

to $800,000 with advances of over

$1,000,000 possible.

The Capital Advance Program is made

available exclusively for dealership

partners of EliteFI Partners.

Qualifying F&I Products

• Vehicle Service Contracts


• Vehicle Protection Products

• EcoPro Environmental Program

• Ancillary Bundle Program

• Other AGWS Underwritten or

Administered Products

Program Features

• Monies usually advanced in less than 30 days

• Repayment of advance through

product sales over 3-5 years

• Low effective interest rate

• Underwriting profit participation available to the dealer through dealer-owned reinsurance

• Dealers may renew advance at the end of their program term

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