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Vehicle Service Contracts

Elite FI Partners offers a full array of service contract options designed to fit your dealership's exact needs.  With our coverage options, your dealership will see increased CSI while maximizing your finance department PVR.  We offer both exclusionary and stated component coverage options with multiple terms and levels of coverage.  Our team works on-site and will train your staff on both product knowledge and process implementation.  


Service Contract Core Program

Powertrain Coverage (Stated Component) covers the engine, transmission, drive axle, seals & gaskets with availability to upgrade adding air conditioning, electrical, and taxes & fluids. 

Enhanced Coverage (Stated Component) Includes Basic coverage, engine cooling, engine fuel, front suspension, steering, brakes, extended drivetrain, extended air conditioning, extended electrical, and seals & gaskets. Enhanced technology and enhanced safety & convenience available on vehicles up to 100,000 miles. A hybrid/alternative battery is available as an add-on surcharge.

Exclusionary Coverage Covers the cost of all mechanical repairs to a covered vehicle except those listed under Exclusions 

Emergency Roadside Assistance is included on all plans and will mirror the time and mileage of the Vehicle Service Contract. Roadside Assistance includes towing, jump start, flat tire change, lock-out service, and emergency gas & fluid delivery. Rental Car Reimbursement included on all plans. Reimbursement for actual expenses $35/day, for 5 days, not to exceed $175. Trip Interruption Assistance.

Ride Share Vehicle Coverage

High Mileage Program

Our high mileage service contract covers up to 300,000 miles and vehicles up to 20 years old. This program is ideal for new and used car dealers who want to provide their customers peace of mind and protection from unexpected repair costs. With our high mileage service contract, you can choose from five levels of coverage. You also get benefits such as roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, and a nationwide network of authorized repair facilities.

  • Five Levels of Coverage

  • Any Year-Mileage Contacts (3,6,12 Month Terms)

  • Stated Component & Exclusionary coverage options

  • Commercial Use

  • Enhanced Technology

  • Mobility coverage

  • EV & Hybrid coverage

  • Lift and Oversized Tire options

Contracts With Maintenance Included

Our Service contracts with maintenance have four levels of coverage that range from basic powertrain to comprehensive bumper-to-bumper protection. You can also offer your customers exclusive benefits such as 24/7 Concierge, SmartApp access, and routine maintenance services. These benefits include oil & filter changes, engine diagnostic exam, alignment check, state safety inspection, tire rotation, brake pad and shoes, battery replacement, cooling system maintenance, wiper blade replacement & recommended service visits. This contract is designed to increase your customer retention and referrals while generating additional revenue for your dealership.

Maintenance Overview

Oil & filter changes, engine diagnostic exam, alignment check, state safety inspection, tire rotation, brake pad and shoes, battery replacement, cooling system maintenance, wiper blade replacement & recommended service visits are included.


Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Coverage

Exclusionary coverage for both components and battery. 

Plans Include Personal Assistant ​​- All plans 12 months or longer include 24/7 access – from anywhere in the world – to Your Personal Assistant for the life of your contract!

Connected App - Utilize our app to contact Claim Support, reach live Personal Assistant services, look up your contract, request roadside service with live GPS tracking to your location, and much more!

Vehicle Protection - Pays the mechanic directly for your auto repairs, including all parts and labor.  Accepted Anywhere

Electric Vehicle protection plans are accepted by all licensed repair facilities nationwide.

Trip Interruption - If your vehicle breaks down due to a covered component, and you’re more than 100 miles away from home, the protection plan will reimburse you for your meal and/or lodging expenses for up to 5 days at $200 per day.

Roadside Assistance ■ 24-hour roadside assistance ■ Flat tire change ■ Emergency battery charging service ■ Lockout key recovery

Rental Reimbursement - If you’re in need of a rental vehicle due to covered repair work, your protection plan will provide rental coverage reimbursement with no deductible for up to 5 days at $50 per day.

Towing - Sign & Drive towing (to the selling dealer) up to 50 miles or to the nearest qualifying repair facility.

Transferrable - If you sell your vehicle, any remaining coverage can be transferred to the new owner, allowing you the possibility of higher resale value.

Coverage for vehicles and components excluded by other administrators.  

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Image by Waldemar Brandt
Image by Maxim Hopman

Tech Care Stand Alone Coverage

Your major investment comes standard with advanced technology.  Now so does your coverage. The modern technology we rely on for safety, comfort, and connectivity to the outside world can be difficult and costly to repair.  Tech Care provides customers with protection on factory-installed modern vehicle technology components.

Navigation System Components

Bluetooth Components

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Sound System Components

Sunroof Trackmotor & Switches

Drivers Touch / Display Screens

Cruise Control Components

Built in TV Screens & DVD Players

Backup & Forward Cameras

Parking Sensors

Wireless Headphone Systems

Wi-Fi Data Connections

Lane Departure Warning Systems

Homelink System

Garage Door Openers

Night Vision

Parking Assistance

USB Ports


Smartphone Interfaces

Image by Karthik Sridasyam

Luxury Vehicle Coverage

Luxury vehicle coverage for vehicles that are not usually covered by other administrators.  Our luxury coverage offers three levels of protection. Powertrain Plus, Preferred and Exclusionary.  All plans come with 24-hour roadside assistance, towing service, flat tire change service, emergency gas delivery, battery jump service, key lockout service, substitute transportation service & trip interruption service.






















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Luxury Vehicle

Commercial & Fleet Coverage

Platinum Exclusionary Plan includes necessary repairs for any breakdown to the vehicle except for terms listed under exclusions.

Includes replacing covered components resulting from the gradual reduction in performance due to normal wear and use when the wear exceeds the manufacturer’s specifications.

Towing assistance

Rental assistance

Trip interruption assistance

Roadside assistance

Agreement transferability

Commercial Vehicle
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