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Electric Car
Coverage Levels

EV & Hybrid Service Contracts

With electric vehicles gaining unprecedented popularity in the U.S., the trend continues to surge as we enter 2024. In recent years, electric vehicle registrations have seen remarkable growth, surpassing traditional car registrations. As of the first quarter of 2024, electric vehicle registrations have surged by 60 percent, further solidifying their presence in the market. Notably, electric vehicles now command a substantial 4.6 percent share of the total automotive market in the U.S.

As the demand for electric vehicles continues to rise, there's a prime opportunity for you to provide customers with an electric vehicle service contract, safeguarding their valuable investment and ensuring peace of mind. An electric vehicle service contract offers comprehensive coverage for repairs, encompassing vital components such as the battery and other essential electrical systems. Moreover, it extends additional benefits such as roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, and trip interruption coverage.

By offering an electric vehicle service contract to your discerning customers, you not only bolster your revenue stream but also bolster your reputation as a forward-thinking dealership. Providing such tailored solutions fosters customer loyalty and sets you apart as a trusted partner in their electric vehicle ownership journey.

Electric Vehicle & Battery Coverage

Offer your customers the ultimate protection for their electric vehicles with the EV Exclusionary plan. This plan covers not only the battery but also almost every other mechanical and electrical part & component that the manufacturer installed.  Our coverage is specially designed to meet the unique needs of modern electric vehicles. You can also opt for additional coverage for commercial use, digital management, and services, EV battery repair & EV battery replacement at an extra charge. 

Additional Benefits

  • Home charging station repair or

  • replacement reimbursement

  • Emergency battery charge service

  • Towing assistance

  • Flat tire service

  • Lock-out assistance

  • Rental assistance or alternative transportation coverage

  • Trip interruption assistance

  • Transferrable

  • 24/7 Emergency roadside assistance

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