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Commercial Fleet Medium Duty Service Contracts

Elite FI Partners offers a full array of service contract options designed to custom-fit your dealership's exact needs.  With our coverage options, your dealership will see increased CSI results while maximizing your finance department PVR.  We offer both exclusionary and stated component coverage options with multiple terms and levels of coverage.  Our on-site team will train your staff on product knowledge and process implementation.  People, products, and processes are the key ingredients to success in your dealership finance department!

Service Contract Coverage
Stated Component & Exclusionary Coverage Options

  • Platinum Exclusionary Plan includes necessary repairs for any breakdown to the vehicle except for terms listed under exclusions.

  • Includes replacing covered components resulting from the gradual reduction in performance due to normal wear and use when the wear exceeds the manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Commercial use (available for Platinum coverage only).

  • Towing assistance.

  • Rental assistance.

  • Trip interruption assistance.

  • Roadside assistance.

  • Agreement transferability.

Coverage Levels

Contract Eligibility

  • Current model year, plus 3 years old with 0 - 30,000 miles.

  • Vehicle rated on the Current Medium Duty Truck Classification Guide.

  • Vehicles must have at least 1 month & 1,000 miles of manufacturer’s full warranty remaining.

  • The anniversary date for the current model year is January 1st.

  • Contracts are Add Term & Add Mileage

  • Towing, Rental, Trip Interruption & Roadside Assistance Included

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