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Team Members

Learn more about our team at EliteFI Partners. We bring decades of experience in finance and sales management.  We are a team of "car guys & gals" who are ready to roll our sleeves up and get to work.  Our results are driven by proven processes with consistent training & coaching.

We are Elite FI


Michael Aufmuth

Agency Principal

In 1997, Michael embarked on his automotive career with his family's auto dealerships in Tucson, Arizona. He held various roles within the dealership, including sales, sales management, finance, and general store management. For 13 years, Michael's primary focus was on setting up and running the dealership's finance department, and he developed a dealer management system to automate the entire deal structuring process. Michael's background in computer science helped him to create a software system that streamlined every aspect of the dealership, which led him to connect with a team of agents on the vendor side.

In 2013, Michael and Emilia became general agents working with a larger agency focused on F&I development and training. They were responsible for implementing product knowledge and finance process training for Mazda and Volvo in Georgia and Michigan. Over time, their relationships grew, and in 2019, Michael and Emilia founded Elite FI Partners. Today, Michael's primary focus is on providing industry-leading products, training, and support to dealerships across the country.

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Emilia Aufmuth

Agency Principal

In 1998, Emilia began her career in medical administration. After some years, she took on a second role that introduced her to variable operations in the automotive industry. This led to a full-time position at the dealership, where she played a critical role in day-to-day operations. During this time, Emilia also became a licensed insurance broker. With over 11 years of experience in a dealership, Emilia joined Michael in 2013 and moved to Georgia to become a general agent. Over the next six years, they expanded their general agency. In 2019, Emilia and Michael founded Elite FI Partners. Since then, Emilia has been the backbone of Elite FI Partners, streamlining processes and assisting dealer partners with dedication every day.

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Rob Varney Elite FI

Rob Varney

Product Specialist

In 2012, Rob kicked off his career in automotive sales by joining a large franchise dealer group in East Michigan. He soon caught the eye of an independent dealership that specialized in a hybrid sales-to-finance strategy catering to sub-prime customers. During his tenure there, Rob amassed a wealth of knowledge in sub-prime lending and deal structuring.

After four years, Rob was presented with an exciting opportunity to relocate to northern Michigan and join another franchise auto group in a full-time role. Over the next five years, Rob honed his finance skills, working with all three major domestic auto manufacturers. He consistently outperformed his peers, boasting group-leading metrics at Ford/Lincoln and Chrysler Jeep Dodge & Ram.

At heart, Rob is a process-driven car enthusiast with a deep-seated passion for helping others improve.

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Julio Mendoza

Product Specialist

In 2015, Julio embarked on his career in the aviation industry while simultaneously pursuing a degree in business administration at the Technological Institute of Sonora. However, in 2019, he made the transition to the automotive industry and secured a sales position at one of the largest independent dealerships in Arizona. His impressive sales skills earned him a quick promotion to the finance department, where he was tasked with creating a sub-prime department for the dealership.

To achieve this goal, Julio focused on forging new lender relationships and altering the dealership's inventory to match the lender programs. He excelled in this role, and in 2021, Julio accepted an opportunity to establish and manage the finance department at a dealership in east Tucson, Arizona. Thanks to his extensive knowledge of dealer systems and integration tools, Julio was able to create processes that resulted in his dealership achieving leading metrics within the group.

As a bilingual individual fluent in English and Spanish, Julio joined the Elite FI team in August 2022. He has made significant contributions to the training and development of dealer partners and has proven to be a valuable asset to the team.

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Jake Melson

Jacob Melson

Product Specialist

In 2015, Jake embarked on his career in the automotive industry. Growing up in dealerships as a second-generation car enthusiast, Jake was no stranger to the hustle and bustle of the showroom. With eagerness in his eyes, he knew from a young age that he was destined for the dealership world.

After years of learning the ropes, Jake was promoted to a full-time finance role in 2020. Over the next two years, he dedicated himself to soaking up as much knowledge and experience as possible. Eventually, Jake was presented with an opportunity to work for a much larger company. He quickly established himself as a lead performer, consistently exceeding expectations.

It was during his time at the larger company that Jake discovered his true passion: cultivating and developing others to grow and excel. He found great satisfaction in coaching and mentoring others, helping them to achieve new levels of success in the finance office.

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