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Michael Dean Aufmuth

Agency Principal

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In 1997, Michael embarked on his automotive career with his family's auto dealerships in Tucson, Arizona. He held various roles within the dealership, including sales, sales management, finance, and general store management. For 13 years, Michael's primary focus was on setting up and running the dealership's finance department, and he developed a dealer management system to automate the entire deal structuring process. Michael's background in computer science helped him to create a software system that streamlined every aspect of the dealership, which led him to connect with a team of agents on the vendor side.

In 2013, Michael and Emilia became general agents working with a larger agency focused on F&I development and training. They were responsible for implementing product knowledge and finance process training for Mazda and Volvo in Georgia and Michigan. Over time, their relationships grew, and in 2019, Michael and Emilia founded Elite FI Partners. Today, Michael's primary focus is on providing industry-leading products, training, and support to dealerships across the country.

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