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Claims Information


Claims Process

  • Warranty
    Any certified repair facility calls in the claim at 877-477-4251 or online at
    Report the failure and the cause of the failure, the cost of the repair and the hours allowed by shop manual time.
    Warrantech will give an approval number and amount and pay the shop directly by credit card.
    For early claims, large claims or claims with multiple failures an independent inspector may be dispatched to assess the cause of failure.

  • Gap
    Call 888-305-8139 to initiate claim.
    Checklist is sent to the lender, customer, and dealer every 2 weeks up to 3 times until the proper information is obtained.
    Fax or email needed information to 877-264-9702 or email
    Once all information is collect in its entirety, the claim check is mailed within 2 business days.

  • Tire and Wheel
    Call in claim to 800-971-4379 PRIOR to repairing and/or replacing the tire and wheel.
    Please have the cause of loss to the tire along with the make, model, size, and tread depth of the damaged tire and/or wheel
    Claim form must be filled out by customer at dealership.  This form can be found here.
    Fax claim form and invoice to 561-226-3615 or email
    There may be an inspection if the adjuster deems it necessary
    The dealership will be paid directly with a credit card

Cancellation Information

Cancellation Process

  • Your Customer signs the cancelation request form found under the documents tab
    Include an odometer or notarized statement stating the miles

  • Email or fax the form and odometer to

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