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Claims Information


Claims Process

  • Maintenance
    Redeem all claims online.
    Login at website using your user ID and password.
    Click on online services. Then click on prepaid maintenance.
    Search for the customer using the last 8 numbers of the VIN and select the customer’s name.
    Click on the box of the services being used, then redeem-checked services.
    Print redemption receipt and have it signed by the customer and dealership and turn it into accounting.

  • Warranty
    Any certified repair facility calls in the claim at 800-810-8458.
    Report the type and the cause of the failure, the cost of the repair, and the hours allowed by shop manual time.
    NAE will give an approval number and amount and pay the shop directly by credit card.
    For early claims, large claims or claims with multiple failures an independent inspector may be dispatched to assess the cause of failure.

Cancellation Information

Cancellation Online Quoting System

  • Go to and click on the log-in link in the upper right corner of the site.
    Next click on the online-services link of the top of the page and choose cancellation quote.
    Fill out the appropriate information and select create a quote.  This will generate the cancellation quote

  • Download the Cancellation Form here.

  • Complete the cancellation form and have the customer sign it.  Send the completed form to

Download Attachments

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