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Eco Pro Appearance

Eco Pro Appearance

Claims Information

​Claim Process

  • Either the customer or the repair facility go to

  • Follow the very simple steps:
    Identify the customer by name and confirm contact info or scan the vin number in the door with your smart phone
    Identify the type of claim:  body damage, dent, glass etc.
    Show the type of damage by selecting a photo that is similar.
    You will be asked to download a photo of the actual damage or take a picture with your smart phone in the app.
    Eco-Pro will contact the assigned company for that type of damage (dent, body work, alloy repair etc.) and sublet the work.  That company will contact the customer and schedule the repair.
    The customer will be contacted within 48 hours.

  • claims can also be called in by phone at 855.872.3746

Cancellation Information

Download Attachments

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