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ForeverStart Battery and Key Lifetime, Used & Extend Programs offer coverage for when the battery becomes defective or your key tracking device fails to perform in locating missing keys. Replacement battery and keys are directed to the selling dealer and supplied at no cost to the customer. 

Battery Performance Protection

Eliminates battery corrosion for increased cranking ability.  Eliminate battery drain, improving electrical flow and increasing battery life.

Technology Powered Convenience

Stay organized with bluetooth tracking for your keys and smartphone.  Be on time with a properly charged car battery.


Key & Phone Locating

Bluetooth technology guides you to your smartphone and keys.  Finds your key or your smartphone, even if your phone is set to silent

Lifetime & CPO Warranty Available

Warranty program is designed to offer Lifetime and 10 year 100,000 miles CPO levels of coverage. Coverage options available for both the vehicle battery and key. 

Battery Program

Lifetime, Non-Cancellable Battery Warranty (unlimited replacements)

  • Qualifier - Vehicles within current to 2 model years back and under 24k miles

  • Unlimited battery replacements for as long as the customer owns the vehicle (non-transferable). 

  • Claims paid via phone or reimbursement up to the selected coverage amount with the dealer’s service department each time they need a replacement. (Customer will be directed back to service department)

  • Secure Program designed for CPO’s and used inventory.  Up to 7 years old and coverage expiring at 100,000. Dealers can ‘wrap’ this into their certified warranty. Provides unlimited battery replacements

  • Includes 2 jumpstarts for the lifetime of the contract 

  • Customer guarantee to replace their battery with an equal value battery or better in the event a replacement is needed

Lifetime Key Program

  •  Lifetime, Non-Cancellable Key Tracking (replacement if lost)

  • All vehicles current to 10 model years back qualify for lifetime key replacements (limit one per year) for as long as the customer owns the vehicle (non-transferrable).

  • No mileage restrictions.

  •  Invoiced claim amount paid on each key replacement. 

  • Only one key fob is required for the vehicle to qualify for a contract.

  • The customer receives a key tracker that attaches to the keychain and communicates with a cell phone via Bluetooth. The last location data is stored when keys are out of range of Bluetooth. 

  • Cell phone app with custom functionality.

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