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When to use stories and experiences with your menu presentation

One thing that I have found consistent with multiple finance managers is that while having a story or personal experience to reference in your delivery is a huge asset, knowing when to use and how often to use these is equally as important. As a part of my training, I will have a finance manager present a menu with all of their offered products. And as they are doing the presentation one of the things I am doing is taking inventory of their stories and experiences and the number of times they use them.

Using an experience or story is a great way to show a customer how and when a product will be used. It is also a great way to build value in that product. Using too many stories or experiences will have the opposite effect and you will lose the trust of most customers. I recommend that during your presentation you try not to use more than two stories or experiences. Some managers try to use stories with each product and doing so becomes very disingenuous. Keeping your customer's trust will play a huge factor in the success of your menu presentation.


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