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Pure Energy

I love talking about the energy inside a dealership! It is super contagious and very noticeable. When you visit a dealership within the first minute you pick up on or sense a vibe of the energy in that store. It is as if there is a frequency in the air! Dealers that are not paying attention to this are in my opinion dropping the ball! Customers feel the same energy! Positive or negative and it does make a difference in your customer experience and ultimately your number of sales. Have you experienced this when you walk into a dealership? I challenge you to visit multiple dealerships and see if you can get a feel for the energy of that store. As an agent, I visit multiple dealerships and look forward to seeing what distinguishes or differentiates one dealership from another. The processes in a dealership, the energy in a dealership, the safety implemented in a dealership and did they greet me with a smile? All simple things that make a huge difference! When you look at all these together it comes down to the culture in the dealership. The management at a store creates a culture. If that culture is positive, non-threatening, encouraging, and focused, it becomes very clear to the customer very quickly. When I talk about the energy in a store I am thinking about the culture in that dealership! Create a positive rewarding culture and your team will grow and always be on the edge of breaking new records. I truly believe that positive passionate people prosper! They create a great culture and untimely "Pure Energy!"


Sign Up & Sell

Cotracts create a monthly revenue stream

No fee to the dealership

Finance terms up to 84 months

E-Contract & E-Signature

E-Rating all products

Helps build your customers credit rating

No Chargeback to the dealership


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