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Process, Accountability & The Ownership Experience For The Win!

In any finance office, following a process with a menu presentation is crucial. The process provides a clear roadmap for the finance manager to follow, ensuring accountability, efficient operations, and a better customer experience. In this article, we'll explore why following a process with a menu presentation is so important, and how it can benefit both the finance office and the customers they serve.


Following a process with a menu presentation helps establish accountability for the finance office. This means that every member of the team is responsible for following a consistent set of procedures, which ensures that nothing is missed, and no mistakes are made. This creates a transparent process, which helps customers trust that they are being treated fairly and consistently.

Training and Role Playing

When everyone is following the same process, training becomes much more straightforward. Finance managers can be trained to follow the steps outlined in the process, which helps them become more efficient and effective. Additionally, role-playing can be used to practice the process, which helps managers feel more comfortable with it and understand how to implement it in real-life situations.

Product Knowledge

Following a process with a menu presentation also helps finance managers develop a deeper understanding of the products they are selling. This is because the process requires them to learn about each product in detail, so they can explain it to customers in a way that is easy to understand. This deeper understanding helps finance managers build credibility with customers and makes them more effective at selling.

Ownership Experience

One important aspect of the ownership experience is the value of a customer's time. A service contract can provide benefits such as repairs, rental cars, and roadside assistance, which can save customers both time and money. With a service contract, customers can get their car repaired without having to spend time searching for a reliable mechanic or paying out of pocket for repairs. Additionally, if the repair requires the car to be in the shop for an extended period, the customer can have access to a rental car, minimizing the disruption to their daily life.

Furthermore, a service contract can provide peace of mind to the customer, knowing that unexpected repair costs will be covered. This can also help protect the customer's investment, as regular maintenance and repairs can help prolong the lifespan of their vehicle.

By relating service contracts to a customer's ownership experience, finance managers can help customers make informed decisions and feel confident in their choices. Ultimately, a well-executed process with a menu presentation that includes service contracts and their benefits is a win-win for everyone involved.

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