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People, Product & Process

Achieving consistent goals in PVR, product penetration, and overall gross profit takes a proven process.  And the key to our process is consistent training, coaching, role-playing and process implementation. 

Our team will design, implement and monitor a process designed around your dealership.  We understand the importance of explaining a process and also rolling our sleeves up and working side by side with your team.  Through consistent training and role-playing, we will generate new records in your finance department. 


We look at the processes in a dealership differently. We believe that the idea of having a one size fits all dealerships process is flawed. We also realize that dealerships all take different steps in their road to the sale. On our first day in your dealership, our team will review your processes leading to the finance office. With that information, we formulate a custom process and implementation plan designed around your dealership. Next, our team will work side by side with your finance managers on product knowledge and process implementation.


Your results are our report card! Our team has decades of experience in finance and sales management with a focus on creating wealth for our dealer partners. Through our continued onsite training and coaching, we install proven processes to take your dealership to record levels. We train and coach your finance team on deal structuring, product knowledge, customer interviews, payment handling, rate quoting, menu selling & process implementation. We also work with your sales team and train on product knowledge and finance transitions into the finance office.

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