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New Opportunity Creates New Revenue

If you follow me online you are no stranger to me talking about creating new revenue streams inside the dealership. I put a tremendous amount of time with dealer partners creating processes that are designed around efficiency and productivity. I am also heavily focused on how to improve the bottom line and how to create incremental revenue. If we are going to improve a dealer's numbers we have to focus on the current processes and further how to bring products that will create excitement. Excitement is huge! I have always been a believer in the saying, activity breeds activity. And inside the finance office when a business or finance manager is excited about his job, activities and the products offered it is contagious. When training I will say to a manager that your excitement is visible. A customer will perceive your energy and your excitement. When a manager has positive energy, your customers' experience is greatly improved. So how do you get that positive energy? With our agency, we focus on a couple of key areas, one of which is the products.

The Importance of finding programs that work well together

Where one program or product may not be lighting the world on fire as a stand-alone product when paired with another program/product the two create an entirely new animal. Our team has been identifying successes in which programs work well and further which work even better when coupled together with other programs. In some dealerships, we install custom "Why Buy Here Products" based on a dealer's market. Where in others the message is not as important as the process to deliver/present the product/s. When a dealer has both, the correct products and the correct process the end result is increased overall production.

Line 5 Product Spotlight

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