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Month End! What can we learn?

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

If you have ever been in the car business you are familiar with the term "Its Month End." It is the time that all of us scramble to make, or squeeze every deal that we can. Everyone in the dealership seems to have a buzz like today is that day we drank that adrenaline and we are going to attack and make it happen! I love it! Everyone comes together to make it happen! Dealership vendors will shy away from being in a dealership on this day because they don't want to get in a dealers way of making a month. I have always been the opposite person for two reasons. One, its like when the fair comes to town and I love being a part of that energy. Two, what a great way to show people they are capable of pushing themselves to reach their goals as it is happening all around them that day. It is a great tool to reference when you are training a finance manager that is in a slump or struggling to get through to a customer. Our business is full of highs and lows. We are always pushing to be better at our jobs, customer service, product knowledge and so on. Treat everyday like its the last day of the month. Keep the energy and motivate your people to always look at the current day as the day that makes all the difference. Focus on a short term goal and not the overall picture! Treat everyday like it is the last day of the month!

Michael Aufmuth

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