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Key areas of focus when selling a service contract

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

As an F&I manager, selling a vehicle service contract (VSC) can be a highly profitable opportunity for your dealership. However, it's important to have a thorough understanding of VSCs and the key areas to focus on when training your sales team. In this article, we'll discuss the essential aspects of selling a VSC and the critical areas to focus on for training.

  1. Know the product inside out: The first step in selling a VSC is having a complete understanding of the product. You must be familiar with the coverage options, limitations, exclusions, and pricing. Having this knowledge will help you explain the benefits of the VSC to your customers confidently.

  2. Communicate the value proposition: When selling a VSC, it's important to communicate the value proposition to your customers. Explain to them how a VSC can protect them from costly repairs, give them peace of mind, and potentially increase the resale value of their vehicle. Customers want to know what they are paying for and why they should consider buying a VSC.

  3. Address common objections: One of the most common objections to VSCs is the cost. Ensure that your team is prepared to address this objection and explain the long-term savings that a VSC can offer. You should also be prepared to address objections related to the coverage options and exclusions.

  4. Offer customized coverage options: Every customer's needs are unique, so it's essential to offer customized coverage options that suit their individual needs. Tailoring your coverage options to your customer's specific situation can increase the likelihood of them purchasing a VSC.

  5. Provide excellent customer service: The level of customer service you provide is crucial when selling a VSC. You should be available to answer any questions your customers may have and provide prompt service when they need assistance with their vehicle. Good customer service can lead to customer satisfaction and loyalty, which can result in repeat business.

When training your sales team to sell VSCs, it's essential to focus on these critical areas. Ensure that your team has a comprehensive understanding of the product, can effectively communicate the value proposition, can address common objections, offer customized coverage options, and provide excellent customer service.

At Elite FI Partners, we understand the importance of effective VSC training. We offer comprehensive training programs designed to help F&I managers and sales teams achieve their sales goals. Our training programs cover all aspects of VSC sales, including product knowledge, objection handling, and customer service. Our team of experienced trainers can provide both in-person and online training to meet the needs of your dealership.

In conclusion, selling a VSC can be highly profitable for your dealership, but it requires a well-trained sales team. Focus on the essential aspects of VSC sales when training your team, including product knowledge, value proposition, objection handling, customized coverage options, and customer service. Contact Elite FI Partners today to learn more about our comprehensive VSC training programs and how we can help your dealership succeed.

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