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How hungry are you?

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

When hiring for a new finance manager my most important question centers around how hungry are you? Yes, are you hungry? I will discuss your experience. I will discuss your education. I will discuss your passions. I will want to know if you can adapt, grind, pivot, hustle and sell. I will want to hear examples of your experiences. Good and Bad and how you managed them. Most importantly I will want to know if you are hungry. For a person to be hungry they have been backed into a corner. They are left with no other choice, they have to win! For a hungry person, failure is not an option. They are competitive! A lot of times they love sports. They love to keep score and talk about it. A hungry person does a job because they love it and because of necessity. Either you adapt, grind, pivot, hustle or you fail! To me, that makes you hungry! That makes you Elite. #EliteFI

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