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How Elite FI Partners Can Boost Your Marine Dealership Success In The Finance Department.

Marine Dealership - Appearance Protection Sales Meeting

If you are a marine dealer looking to increase profitability, customer satisfaction, and efficiency, you should partner with Elite FI. Elite FI Partners is a leading provider of finance and insurance (F&I) products, programs, and training for the marine industry. Here are some of the benefits of working with Elite FI Partners:

F&I Products

Elite FI Partners offers a wide range of F&I products that are designed to meet the needs and expectations of your marine customers. Whether you sell new or pre-owned boats, jet skis, pontoons, or yachts, you can offer your customers valuable protection and peace of mind with products such as:

- Service contracts: Cover the cost of repairs and maintenance for mechanical breakdowns, electrical failures, and other covered components.

- GAP protection: Protect your customers from owing more than their boat is worth in case of a total loss due to theft, accident, or natural disaster.

- Tire and wheel protection: Cover the cost of replacing or repairing tires and wheels damaged by road hazards such as nails, glass, potholes, or debris.

- Theft protection: Deter thieves and recover stolen boats with GPS tracking devices and anti-theft labels.

- Appearance protection: Preserve the beauty and value of your customers' boats with eco-friendly products that protect the exterior and interior from stains, fading, oxidation, corrosion, and more.

These products not only enhance your customers' ownership experience but also generate additional revenue for your dealership. You can earn commissions on every product you sell, as well as participate in profit-sharing programs such as dealer-owned warranty companies (DOWC), reinsurance, and retro.


Elite FI Partners makes it easy for you to sell F&I products with a fully integrated advanced menu selling platform. You can use any device (iPad, Android tablet, or desktop computer) to access the platform and present customized F&I options to your customers. The platform is integrated with leading dealer management systems (DMS) and menu presentation tools, so you can streamline your workflow and eliminate errors. You can also track your performance and generate reports with real-time data and analytics.

Training & Coaching

Elite FI Partners is more than just a product provider. We are also your partner in training and coaching your sales and finance staff with proven processes that work. We have nationally recognized specialists with years of experience in the marine industry and know how to overcome objections, close deals, and increase customer satisfaction. We offer onsite and online support and coaching to help you achieve your goals and grow your business.

Contact Us Today

If you want to take your marine dealership to the next level of success, contact Elite FI Partners today. We will compare your current agency, provider, and profit-sharing programs and show you how we can make a difference. We are confident that you will be impressed by our people, product, and process. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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