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Michele Maltese with HireRoad

HireRoad (the app) is a tool to help people locate job opportunities and a tool to help recruiters and businesses to connect with interested applicants/candidates. The app gives job seekers free access to job applications posted by recruiters and businesses. The web portal is for Recruiters to purchase, post, and manage their job posts. Recruiters can direct job seekers to the application, to the application on their own website,

or directly to the business website.

Job Seekers — We respect your privacy. Your profile is stealth and made viewable only to the jobs you apply for. Complete your worker profile. Add a link to your resume and your LinkedIn whenever you want. Search jobs. Search the map. Apply!

Job Recruiters — No contracts required. Use it. Love it. Repeat. HireRoad simplifies the process and the promotion of job posts and increases visibility in the marketplace — $1.23 per post New to HireRoad —

Premium Partners (contract subscribers).

Only 1 Premium Partner (Recruiter) per category. These are the HireRoad preferred Recruiters of that specific job category who are featured on the app on the map and in the search as “Premium Partner”, attracting applicants to their business.

Phone 313-999-1075

Linkedin | Michele Maltese

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