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Friday Product Value Mix

This week we are introducing several new products that provide huge amounts of value and will create additional revenue on your dealerships bottom line. We continue to focus on keeping our dealer partners prepared and equipped for the current economy with the best solutions designed to keep their dealership profitable. Our belief is that people, products & processes will create value. When your dealership creates value you will yield success & revenue!

First, we want to introduce you to The Payment Promise Program. This program is a great option to show potential customers a safe way to purchase a vehicle from your dealership even when they are concerned with unemployment!

The current economic situation has created plenty of panic with a large number of customers. There is an underlying fear of job loss! The Payment Promise Program will make your customer's payments for up to 500 dollars a month in the event that they become unemployed. Payment Promise gives your customers renewed confidence as they navigate the vehicle buying journey after the COVID-19 economic impact.

Reduce cancellation chargebacks with an accelerated earning method! This exciting new gap contract will increase your monthly bottom line, increase reserves in your reinsurance all while offering your customers 150% loan to value coverage! Dealership Gap has been a tough product with a lot of dealerships having to reserve additional premiums or change their gap solution altogether. With Express Gap you can seed premium into reinsurance, participate in a retro or direct-write with no underwriting risk. This is a great option that will create increased monthly income with a reduced cancelation liability and increase reserves in your reinsurance position. With Express Gap the question is not why but why not?

The Service Drive Your Plan App is a very effective tool that scans a customer's vehicle while it is in the service drive. The app then quickly offers multiple service contract options with multiple payment options while keeping the customer engaged with brochures and other media.

The App scans your customer's vehicle, driver's license & credit card to complete the entire process in less than 90 seconds. There is no cost to sign up or use this exciting app! Best of all this will generate additional revenue that most dealerships are not currently capturing with a very efficient process.

Line 5 partners with both new and used dealers to finance vehicle protection plans for Automobiles, SUVs, Trucks & more. With guaranteed approvals and zero down payment requirements, your customers get the coverage they want at a payment they can afford.

Line5 allows you to sell more products and generate more revenue! We are excited to announce that Line5 is now offering its Sign Up and Sell program designed for independent dealers! Offer your customers terms up to 84 months and create a new revenue stream with 0 chargebacks. Are your lenders capping and not allowing financing for your finance products? This program will create new opportunities allowing your customer to have a service contract to protect their investment.

We are excited to have partnered with industry-leading administrators to offer the best products available today. Contact us directly to learn more about all the exciting products and training we have available for your dealership.

Michael Aufmuth


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