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ForeverStart Battery & Key Protection

ForeverStart Battery Program

Lifetime, Non-Cancellable Battery Warranty (unlimited replacements)

  • Qualifier - Vehicles within current to 2 model years back and under 24k miles

  • Unlimited battery replacements for as long as the customer owns the vehicle (non-transferable). 

  • Claims paid via phone or reimbursement up to the selected coverage amount with the dealer’s service department each time they need a replacement. (Customer will be directed back to service department)

  • Secure Program designed for CPO’s and used inventory.  Up to 7 years old and coverage expiring at 100,000. Dealers can ‘wrap’ this into their certified warranty. Provides unlimited battery replacements

  • Includes 2 jumpstarts for the lifetime of the contract 

  • Customer guarantee to replace their battery with an equal value battery or better in the event a replacement is needed

ForeverStart Key Program

  •  Lifetime, Non-Cancellable Key Tracking (replacement if lost)

  • All vehicles current to 10 model years back qualify for lifetime key replacements (limit one per year) for as long as the customer owns the vehicle (non-transferrable).

  • No mileage restrictions.

  •  Invoiced claim amount paid on each key replacement. 

  • Only one key fob is required for the vehicle to qualify for a contract.

  • The customer receives a key tracker that attaches to the keychain and communicates with a cell phone via Bluetooth. The last location data is stored when keys are out of range of Bluetooth. 

  • Cell phone app with custom functionality.

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Unknown member
Nov 27, 2021

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