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Feel Felt Found Method

When it comes to sales or persuasion, objections from potential customers or clients can be a frustrating roadblock. However, objections are a natural part of the buying process, and can actually be an opportunity to build rapport and trust with your prospect. One effective method to overcome objections is the "feel felt found" technique.

The "feel felt found" method involves acknowledging the objection, empathizing with the customer by sharing a similar experience or feeling, and then sharing a positive outcome or solution. Let's break it down further:

  1. Feel: Start by acknowledging and validating the customer's objection. This shows that you understand their concerns and are not dismissive of them. For example, if a customer says "I'm not sure if this product is worth the price," you can respond with "I understand how you feel."

  2. Felt: Next, share a personal story or example of someone who had a similar concern or objection, and how they overcame it. This helps the customer feel less alone in their objection, and shows that it's a common concern that can be addressed. For example, "A lot of our customers have felt the same way, but once they saw the value and benefits of the product, they realized it was worth the investment."

  3. Found: Finally, share a positive outcome or solution to the objection. This could be a benefit of the product that directly addresses the objection, or an explanation of how the objection is not actually a problem. For example, "What our customers have found is that the product actually pays for itself over time with the money they save on X, Y, and Z."

Using the "feel felt found" method can help you build rapport with potential customers and demonstrate that you understand their concerns. It's important to keep in mind that this technique should not be used to manipulate or pressure someone into a sale. Instead, it should be used to address legitimate concerns and help the customer make an informed decision.

Here are some additional tips for using the "feel felt found" method effectively:

  • Listen actively to the customer's objection and repeat it back to them to ensure that you understand their concern.

  • Use specific examples and stories to make the method more personal and relatable.

  • Stay positive and avoid being defensive or dismissive of the objection.

  • Use language that is respectful and empathetic, and avoid sounding like you're reading from a script.

  • Follow up with the customer after addressing their objection to ensure that they feel comfortable with their decision.

In conclusion, objections can be an opportunity to build trust and rapport with potential customers. The "feel felt found" method is a simple yet effective way to address objections and help customers make an informed decision. By acknowledging the objection, sharing a relatable story, and providing a positive outcome or solution, you can demonstrate empathy and understanding while also addressing the customer's concerns.

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