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EliteFI October Spotlight | Industry Elite

Once a month we will spotlight one person that has earned the title Industry Elite!  The Industry Elite is a title we give to a person that shows positivity, creativity, drive and passion! Our pick for Industry Elite Spotlight for October goes to Gabriel McNeal


Gabe McNeal Bridges The Gap Between Car Sales and Rap

ATLANTA, GA  / August 12, 2020 / Born on April 16, 1990 in Richmond, VA, Gabe McNeal was always a basketball enthusiast. He played DII college basketball for HBCU Shaw University and transferred to Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA to study Communications and Business. He completed his junior and senior season and was undoubtedly an extraordinary player, holding the leading scorer in the nation for Point Park University.

Gabe's passion isn't limited to just basketball; he also has interests in activities such as fishing, music, and reading to gain more knowledge. Upon graduating from college, Gabe founded a non-profit organization 'Go Pro In The Game Of Life' with the goal to promote literacy by motivating and encouraging at-risk youth to read. Within this organization, Gabe created the persona of the 'Kool Kat in the Hat Man', where he would put on his Kool Kat Hat and rap to kids about how cool it is to read.

Upon retirement from his college basketball career, he decided not to pursue the sport professionally. With many options lying ahead, Gabe decided to become a car salesman; and has made his career ‘putting dreams in driveways'. But he's not an ordinary car salesman...With hard work and dedication to his craft, Gabe inserted himself into the top 5 salesmen in his multi-billion dollar company, '#1 Cochran Automotive'. In the competitive industry for car sales, and while working solely on commissions, he started to brainstorm how to make himself stand out in this saturated market. Becoming passionate about music at a young age and integrating his hip-hop skills with car sales, Gabe began creating music about what he knows! Reinventing the prior persona of Kool Kat in the Hat Man, Gabe becomes 'Gabe McDeal' and hip-hops through all the different models of cars, while pointing out all the features of the vehicles that have helped him make a name for himself.

'I want to lead by example and be a game-changer in the automotive business. When people think of hip hop and car sales I want 'Gabe McDeal' to be the first topic of discussion. I want to inspire individuals that opportunities don't just come to you. You have to create them!' Mr. McNeal said.

Gabe loves educating his viewers and customers, building value in their purchases, and making the car buying fun with his lyrics and style. His high caliber regarding music and his passion for helping people compel a person to want to buy from him.

He now further plans to expand his rapping career by stepping out of just rapping about cars. Gabe plans to reinvent himself yet again for upcoming projects, thinking of himself as the 'Modern Day Will Smith', with his melodious and relatable rhymes. Gabe is an upcoming artist who is ready to go above and beyond the limits.

In a recent interview, Gabe mentions what keeps him motivated; 'Wanting to give my family an amazing life keeps me going and is the reason that I wake up at 5 in the morning every day. I don't want to be average at my profession... I want to be GREAT at it! I am blessed to have a career that I love and I do my job with passion!

Gabe has truly remodeled the hip-hop, rap, and car dealership industry by combining all of them into one. This unique approach is what makes him stand out, and undoubtedly is the secret of him succeeding in this competitive industry.

Gabe's new song 'PRAY' is available on YouTube now.

You can follow him on Facebook and listen to his latest songs on his Youtube Channel

To get to know more about Gabe McNeal, you may email him at or give him a call on (804)901-0981

SOURCE: Gabe McNeal

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