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Drive results when you keep score!

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

It is extremely important to keep score! First I would recommend that you create metrics with measurable results and share them with the entire team.

finance manager measurement tools
Elite FI creates dealership finance metrics and scoreboard

What motivates and drives employees is simple! We all want to win! If you have members on your team and they are not driven to do better than or out perform other team members, consider if you have the correct employees. This is and we are in a results driven environment! My focus in dealerships is on how to improve results. PVR, product penetration, unit volume, cash deals , lease deals and on and on. It all boils down to I focus on the measurement. It is amazing how many dealerships do not monitor results. How do you track, monitor and coach if we do not have a scoreboard? I have given the example of going to a football game and watching two teams running up and down the field and never keeping score. Would watching that game have kept your focus? Would you have made it to the end of the game and said wow that was great! Most likely not. However in the same example imagine two teams with a tie score and only seconds left on a play clock. This scenario would keep most of us on the edge of our seats right till the end of the game. I have used this example in my thought process when I build and implement scoreboards in multiple dealerships. We all want a competitive and easy to use tool that lets us track our results. It is great to walk into a dealership and realize how conversations on the finance and sales office are now based on the areas of measurement on the scoreboard. When all the team members focus on performance and have the ability to measure their results the energy and atmosphere in a dealership is increased exponentially!

Michael Aufmuth

Elite FI Partners

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