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Changing the Customer Interview

With a lot of dealerships learning how to adapt their processes to do an online delivery now is the time to fine-tune your approach! Every day we are sharing a new piece of the delivery process with regards to what a dealership can do to implement steps to make an online delivery as successful as an in-store delivery. At the point of the first contact with a customer, the finance-business manager should call to introduce themselves and complete a customer interview. This is also a great time to schedule your finance presentation and zoom meeting. Using Zoom or an alternative screen-sharing software is going to be a huge factor in being successful in your finance presentation. With Zoom you are able to share your menu and a video feed of the presenting manager as well. Allowing the customer to see you as you are going through your presentation has proven to be a huge factor in keeping the customer's attention. #financeprocess #elitefi #customerinterview

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