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Are you selling the correct Gap Protection?

We value our partnerships with our product vendors and administrators and are excited to show you who they are. In the upcoming weeks, we have set a goal to start interviewing our partners and have them discuss their products and their passion for them. At Elite FI we are hyper-focused on finding Industry Elite Partners that bring extreme value to our dealers. Our growth will be driven by Innovative products backed with the best administration and super passionate people. Our partners are like-minded people who share the same drive to keep growing and bring value.

Together we are Elite FI

Michael Aufmuth


Let's talk about Gap Protection

In today's market Gap Protection is not a one size fits all dealers program.  One of the questions I hear quite often these days is should I have my gap contracts in my reinsurance company. Further, the risk with Gap protection has changed quite a bit in the last couple of years. Vehicles are becoming more and more sophisticated and equally more expensive to repair when involved in accidents. Gap losses have been increasing and overall risk has been increasing as well. Now is a great time to see the benefits of new Gap programs that decrease losses and limit a dealer's liability. Our team has focused on bringing multiple options that are designed for re-insurance, dealer retro participation, and direct-write programs.  Our Gap programs offer coverage up to 96 months, loan to value coverage up to 150%, and deductible reimbursement up to 1000 dollars. We offer Standard Gap, Gap Plus, BHPH Gap and Express Expedited Gap. If you would like to learn more about the different options available for your dealership contact us directly at 520-631-0465 or visit our gap protection page on

Express Gap Protection | Elite FI Partners

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