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payment promise program

Offer your customers peace of mind with automotive payment relief during unprecedented times.

Introducing The Payment Promise Program - Helping people and communities affected by involuntary job loss due to the current economic impacts.

How It Works
  • Preload the program on all qualified new and pre-owned retail vehicles sold at your dealership.

  • This program can be added to leased or loaned purchases.

  • Provide up to $500/month* for payment assistance in the event of involuntary job loss.

  • The term is 12 months from point of sale.

  • The lienholder will be reimbursed directly for loan payments in the event a claim is processed.

payment protection plan

Give your customers renewed Confidence as they navigate the vehicle buying journey after the COVID-19 economic impact.

Attract and Retain Customers in an Unpredictable Market.

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Sign Up Online!!

Ready to offer this exciting coverage at your dealership?  Signing up online is fast, secure & easy!  Click the link below to get started. After completing the agreement we will contact you to review all the details.

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