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Features & Benefits

  • (Exclusionary) includes Stated Component coverage, the convenience package, and audio/video technology.

  • (Stated Component) includes coverage on the water heater, fresh water system, air conditioning, range and oven, L.P. gas/propane system, refrigerator and freezer, frame, brake system, suspension system, interior/exterior, audio/video entertainment, seals & gaskets, wear and tear, and auxiliary powerplant/generator.

  • Coach/Living System includes coverage on frame interior/exterior, seals & gaskets, tax/fluids/lubricants, wear & tear, water heater, fresh water, sanitation, air conditioning, range and oven, L.P. gas/propane, heating, refrigerator and freezer, audio/video entertainment, and auxiliary powerplant/generator.

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Ready to offer Motorhome coverage to your customers?  Signing up online is fast, secure and easy!  Click the link below to get started. After completing the agreement we will contact you to review all the details.

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