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In today's market Gap Protection is not a one size fits all dealers program.  Elite FI Partners has you covered with multiple options that are designed for re-insurance, dealer retro participation, and direct-write programs.  Our Gap programs are fully insured and offer coverage up to 96 months. We offer Standard Gap products and Express Expedited Gap where the program earns out much quicker. Contact us today to learn more.

Marine Gap

  • The maximum amount financed or leased cost is the lesser of $250,000 or 135% of MSRP/NADA average retail value.

  • The coverage term must equal the loan or lease term. If the loan or lease term is greater than one hundred twenty (120) months, the coverage term must be

  • no less than 120 months.

  • No coverage is provided for a financing contract/loan or lease when the original term exceeds two hundred forty six (246) months. Coverage term is limited to a maximum of one hundred twenty (120) months.

  • The payable loss for the loan/financing contracts or leases with terms greater than the coverage term of GAP will be based on net payoff calculated using the coverage term of GAP



No profit-sharing on the earned premium. Provider holds the risk.


Provider shares a percentage of the earned premium based on contract volume. 


Dealership seeds 100% of premium into dealer-owned reinsurance company.

Sign Up Online!!

Ready to offer GAP to your customers?  Signing up online is fast, secure and easy!  Click the link below to get started. After completing the agreement we will contact you to review all the details.

Marine Gap Dealer Agreement

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