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Julio Mendoza

Account Development & Product Specialist

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Julio’s journey in the aviation industry began in 2015, when he started working as a ramp agent at an airport while studying for a degree in business administration at the Technological Institute of Sonora. He gained valuable experience in customer service and operations during his four years in this field. However, in 2019, he decided to pursue a new career path in the automotive industry and landed a sales position at one of the largest independent dealerships in Arizona. He quickly impressed his managers and customers with his excellent sales skills and was promoted to the finance department within a few months. There, he faced a new challenge: creating a sub-prime department for the dealership.

To accomplish this task, Julio dedicated himself to building new lender relationships and adjusting the dealership’s inventory to match the lender programs. He also trained and coached other finance managers on how to work with sub-prime customers. He succeeded in this role, and in 2021, Julio received an offer to establish and manage the finance department at a dealership in east Tucson, Arizona. He accepted the offer and applied his extensive knowledge of dealer systems and integration tools to create processes that resulted in his dealership achieving leading metrics within the group.

As a bilingual individual fluent in English and Spanish, Julio joined the Elite FI team in August 2022. He has been instrumental in training and developing dealer partners on how to use Elite FI products and services effectively. He has also been able to communicate with a diverse range of customers and lenders and provide them with exceptional service. Julio’s passion and expertise make him a valuable member of the Elite FI team.

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