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Jake Melson

Account Development & Product Specialist

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Jake’s passion for the automotive industry began in 2015, when he started working as a sales associate at a family-owned dealership. Having grown up in dealerships as a second-generation car enthusiast, Jake had a natural affinity for the industry.

After years of honing his sales skills and learning the ins and outs of the dealership business, Jake earned a promotion to a full-time finance role in 2020. Over the next two years, he devoted himself to acquiring as much knowledge and experience as possible. He mastered various finance products and services, built strong relationships with lenders and customers, and delivered outstanding results for his dealership.

Eventually, Jake was presented with an opportunity to work for a much larger company that operated multiple dealerships across the state. He seized the opportunity and quickly established himself as a lead performer, consistently exceeding expectations and setting new records. It was during his time at the larger company that Jake discovered his true passion: cultivating and developing others to grow and excel. He found great satisfaction in coaching and mentoring others, helping them to overcome challenges and achieve new levels of success in the finance office. He also enjoyed sharing his best practices and insights with his peers and managers, creating a culture of collaboration and excellence. 

With his passion and expertise in finance and training, Jake joined the Elite FI team in September 2022. He has been instrumental in providing high-quality training and support to our dealer partners, helping them to optimize their finance operations and increase their profitability. He has also been a great team player, contributing to our internal development and innovation. We are thrilled to have Jake as a part of the Elite FI team and look forward to his continued success.

Jake Melson
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