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Wise F&I

Claims Information

888-427-2037 Fax: 636-349-3169

New Claims: 888-427-2037 Fax: 636-349-3169


Pending Claims: 800-849-8535

Fax: 636-680-0455


Per the terms of the GAPWise addendum to the financing contract, it is the borrower’s responsibility to provide Financial Gap Administrator LLC with the information listed below. To ensure confidentiality and customer privacy, Financial Gap Administrator LLC cannot obtain this information on the borrower’s behalf. Either the borrower must provide the information to Financial Gap Administrator LLC or request that other sources send it to Financial Gap Administrator LLC directly.

Borrower reports claim to Financial Gap Administrator LLC (should have GAP waiver number available when making claim). Borrower must report and remit documentation per the terms and within the deadline of the gap addendum.

Information Needed to Complete a Claim

1.  Copy of the GAPWise Addendum (from dealership or lender).

2.  Copy of the financing contract (loan agreement, retail installment contract, LAW553) for the purchase of the covered vehicle AND buyer’s order or purchase agreement showing mileage at purchase (from dealership or lender).

3.Payment history from customer’s lender (from lender).

4. Copy of any service contract, warranty, credit insurance or other refundable product or service financed with the covered vehicle. Borrower should also contact their selling dealer to cancel these products and copy us with the refund amounts (from dealership or lender).

5. Copy of the settlement check from the insurance company or payment screen (from insurance adjuster).

6. Copy of the insurance valuation report, (CCC, Mitchell, Autosource, etc.) AND documentation providing the breakdown of settlement that matches check from the primary insurance (can be obtained from insurance adjuster).

7. Police report If a police report is not available, a Statement of Loss document must be completed (contact our Claims department for proper form) NOTE: Police report is mandatory for theft or fire loss.

8.Options Form Completed and signed.

Cancellation Information

Cancellation Process

Complete and sign the Cancellation Form in the Wise F&I Links and Documents.

Send the completed form to

ATTN: GAP Cancellation Dept.

Financial Gap Administrator LLC, 11662 Gravois Road, #22439, St. Louis, MO 63126

Phone: 888-427-2037 Fax: 636-600-4426

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