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TruWarranty - Sidecars

TruWarranty - Sidecars

Claims Information

866-217-5309 or

Sidecars claims team direct contact info-

Megan Huckins 417-385-7552

Leanna Wyllie 417-434-4252

Waylon Johnson 417-437-3004

Delsey Webster 417-593-0986

Chloe Truong 417-540-7648

Josh Sanders 417-385-8759

Manny Smith 417-437-6625

Bryan Foster, Claims Director 417-621-1359

Ron Gardner, Customer Service 417-437-4474

Our goal is to minimize the time spent on the phone for service department

personnel and maximize time forward facing with your clientele. Therefore, we

provide you with two options for claims submission as outlined below:

Option 1 -

Email Claim Submission To Claims Department

If you wish to send the RO and Estimate directly without performing a coverage

call in advance of submitting your claim, you may email RO and Estimate directly

to or your preferred claims adjuster.

1: Your RO should include complaint, cause, and correction, along with

2: Estimate should include Part #s and Parts (at list price/ no matrix pricing),

Labor hours, we use All Data for hours

3: If we have questions on your claim submission, we will send an email to you

or call our office

4: After our questions, if any, are addressed, we will build a claim from this

information and email the claim approval back to you

5: After the repair is completed, please email the final invoice signed by the

customer to us at or your preferred claims adjuster.

6: We will pay the approved amount of the claim with a secure email sent to

your email address, or to your cashier's email address, if you designate that

payments are to be sent to the cashier

7: This secure email will include a link, and when you click on the link you will

view a valid Mastercard Credit Card number, including an expiration date, zip

code, 3-digit code, and dollar amount

Option 2 -

Coverage Call To Our Claims Department Followed By An

Email Claim Submission to Claims Department

To start a claim please call 866-217-5309 and leave direct contact information (phone

number and email) along with last 6 digits of VIN number.

We will call back promptly to confirm component coverage for you.

Once component coverage is verified please follow steps 1-7 above

Cancellation Information

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