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American Guardian Warranty

American Guardian Warranty

Claims Information

(800) 579-2233 X 4000

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When calling in a claim please have the following information available:

  • Agreement Number

  • Customer Name

  • Description of vehicle including: year, make, model and vin

  • Current odometer reading and date of breakdown

  • Customer complaint

  • Diagnosis or cause

  • Recommended repair including:
    Parts required including Manufacturer Suggested List Price
    Labor operation, time and rate
    Estimated total cost of repair
    Any rental or towing costs involved
    Any outside labor or sublet charges

  • Repair order number and repair order date

  • Make sure the customer has receipts showing completion of required maintenance

  • Current Registration

  • Tire and Wheel Claims will require the following additional information:
    Brand, model and size of tire
    Location of failed tire ( i.e. driver's front)
    Clear digital photo of damaged area
    Clear digial photo of tire with tread depth guage at lowest point
    Clear digital photo of entire width of tire shoulder to shoulder

  • Based on repair type, the following may be required:
    ECM Readings
    Code History
    Engine Production Files
    Trip History
    Engine Abuse Files

Cancellation Information

800.579.2233 x4193

All cancellation requests should be submitted using the current AGWS Cancellation Request Form. This form is kept in pre-fill PDF format allowing you to fill in most of the needed information prior to printing, signing, and submitting your request.

Please note that the AGWS Cancellation Department is now completely automated. Therefore, please submit only one contract per request form and only one request form per fax or email submission.

When creating the cancellation request, please complete sections 1 and 3 and sign as a dealer representative in section 2.

  • If the contract was financed using a finance house (e.g., SPP, Mepco or Paylink), the dealer must contact the finance company and stop future payments from being processed.

AGWS will require an appropriate agreement holder’s signature in section 4 - meaning that whoever signed the original AGWS contract would be the only authorized signer for cancellation.

  • In the event that the agreement holder is deceased, a copy of the death certificate and the legal document appointing the executor of the estate will need to accompany the Cancellation Request Form.

  • The ONLY exceptions where an agreement holder’s signature would NOT be required are for a total loss or repossession. In these situations, a copy of Total Loss Letter or Letter of Repossession will need to accompany the Cancellation Request Form.

  • If the deal falls through, the Dealer will need to complete sections 1, 2, and 3 of the Cancellation Request Form and attach the first page of the contract with the word "VOID" written across it; it must be signed and dated by the F&I Manager. The cancellation may be subject to a cancellation fee and may be pro-rated if request is not received within 30 days from the sale date.


To prevent delays in the request being processed, make sure to always use the current AGWS Cancellation Request Form, and include all requested documents and proper signatures. Use only the fax number or email address listed on the form.

Fax Cancellation Requests to 630.534.7030 or email them to

Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for processing. Once the cancellation has been completed, AGWS will mail the Dealer a cancellation breakdown sheet and the AGWS portion of the refund. The Dealer is expected to follow the cancellation breakdown sheet, contribute their portion of the refund, and issue a final refund to the Customer or lienholder.

Please Note: If a finance house was used, then final documentation and instructions would come from them.

Please call the AGWS Cancellation Department at 800.579.2233 x4193 with any questions.

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