Elite FI Partners offers a full array of service contract options designed to custom fit your dealership's exact needs.  With our coverage options, your dealership will see increased CSI results while maximizing your finance department PVR.  We offer both exclusionary and stated component coverage options with multiple terms and levels of coverage.  Our team works on-site and will train your staff on both product knowledge and process implementation.  People, products and processes are the key ingredients to success in your dealership finance department!

Profit Participation Programs

At Elite FI Partners we have partnered with the industry's top administrators to offer multiple profit participation programs designed to fit your dealership's exact needs.  Having the correct program in place allows our dealer partners to build long-term wealth in the most tax-friendly environment.  If you are looking to compare your current administrator's program or if you are looking to set up a new option we offer the industry's newest options that build wealth, and allow for your future growth and security.  


Having and using the correct products & technology enables your team to operate quickly and make smarter more profitable decisions. We have partnered with multiple technology partners to ensure that your dealership always has the best in class tools.  We focus on efficiency!  We bring exciting solutions to your dealership that offer system integration, product rating, mobile and remote menu presentation with local and remote e-signing.  

Training, Coaching & Support

Your results are our report card!  Our team has decades of experience in finance and sales management with a focus on creating wealth for our dealer partners.  Through our continued onsite training and coaching, we install proven processes to take your dealership to record levels.  We train and coach your finance team on deal structuring, product knowledge, customer interviews, payment handling, rate quoting, menu selling & process implementation.  We also work with your sales team and train on product knowledge and finance transitions into the finance office.


Creating 300% Opportunity

With guaranteed approvals and zero down payment requirements, your customers get the coverage they want at a payment they can afford. The end result is you sell more products and generate more revenue.  We focus on making sure your team can offer 100% of your finance products to 100% of your customers, 100% of the time! 

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