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Emilia Aufmuth

Agency Principal

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Emilia started her professional journey in 1998 as a medical administrator. After gaining valuable experience in the healthcare sector, she ventured into the automotive industry as a part-time assistant to the variable operations manager at a local dealership. She soon realized her passion and talent for the car business. She transitioned to a full-time role at the dealership, managing various aspects of the daily operations. During this period, Emilia also obtained her license as an insurance broker. After working for over 11 years at the dealership and honing her skills in finance and sales, Emilia joined forces with Michael in 2013. She relocated to Georgia to launch their general agency. Together, they grew their business and established a reputation for excellence and integrity. In 2019, Emilia and Michael co-founded Elite FI Partners, which provides innovative and customized solutions for dealerships nationwide. Emilia is the driving force behind Elite FI Partners, overseeing the operations and ensuring that every dealer partner receives the best service and support possible.

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