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e-Director Lender Management Solutions

e-Director ® is a web-based proprietary lender management program designed to assist automobile, RV, marine, and Powersports dealerships in obtaining the best financing rates and terms for customers while maximizing front and back end gross profit for the selling dealer. Finally, a data-driven solution that compiles, sorts, and compares lending information at your fingertips. Save valuable time, increase deal approvals and maximize profits!

The Problem

Every lender uses different criteria for determining the rate and term for each loan. Lenders use different credit bureaus which produce varying customer credit scores by as much as 100 points.

Some lenders use invoice on new cars, others will use MSRP. The same for used cars, where you have NADA retail or wholesale, as well as KBB retail or wholesale. KBB or NADA retail and wholesale values can be different by thousands of dollars.

With all these different variables and criteria between lenders it is extremely challenging if not impossible to find the best lender for each deal.

Problem Solved

e-Director’s lender management platform solves this problem. We store and sort all lender rate sheet data in one easy to use application. Simply input the customer information and deal information and a report is generated instantly itemizing which lender provides the customer the best rate and term. You can also see which lender allows the biggest advance, reserve, backend products and final payment to the customer.

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